1. Eddy Ronnie Odonnell Profile Pic
    Eddy Ronnie Odonnell

    I personally use some of above extension on my daily duties.
    I can say that these are very useful extensions for web developers. As they make your work so much easy.
    Great list of extensions, defiantly suggest to try them out.

  2. Grady Kane Profile Pic

    Awesome article, I have tested few of above extensions and those are pretty good. It was taking me hours to do simple work manually.
    Great addition to my browser, Thanks.

  3. Thomas Profile Pic

    This extensions are the best for Web Developers and help to reduce work load.
    Love this extensions, can’t live without theme.

  4. Claudia Patton Profile Pic

    Useful chrome extensions, make your daily hard work life easy.
    I personally like ‘web developer’ chrome extension, as it can done multiple task and very handy.

  5. Carole Profile Pic

    This article made my life easier. Had fun reading and my interest really arose after reading this article. Kudos to the authors!

  6. Joanna Profile Pic

    I just love #4 from this listing. I’m just into colors these days. Loving it a lot! I hope more features for the next articles and other ideas for a website!

    Thanks guys!

  7. Edith More Profile Pic

    This article did make my life easier. All the listings were very helpful. Chrome extensions are a lot more if you only read what this article has to say. This will build up your website and collection of thoughts on how to be more productive.

    Check it out guys!

  8. Melody Gasp Profile Pic

    Listings in this article are the most helpful ones I’ve had. Really been confused on this Chrome Extensions since the day I started using it. But after reading this article, it became clear to mind and definitely a must have!

    Good job to the authors of this article!

  9. Valerie Rayne Profile Pic

    It takes a lot of authors to come up with an article that is worth of reading. This one’s definitely a must-read article!

    Kudos to the authors for all the effort and knowledge about the Chrome Extensions. This really helped a lot.

  10. Spencer Dave Profile Pic

    Really had a hard time understanding but because of this article, my life was made easier. I can now fully understand the function of the extensions and what are the importance of having this and that.

    Thanks to this article! mlooking forward for the next one.

  11. Nazeer Profile Pic

    Great article,
    I’m going to give several of these a try.
    As this is a WordPress related site, I’d add the Scan WP chrome extension to the list alongside Wappalyzer which is more general than WP specific.
    Just my 2 cents.

  12. Kurian Joseph Profile Pic

    This is a really good compilation of extensions for newbies to make our lives easy, especially the Whatfont is a boon to us, you get to know what fonts are used on sites/ Keep updating. Thanks to whoever made this list on the editorial team.

  13. Sharvin Ravindran Profile Pic
    Sharvin Ravindran

    I would definitely recommend LinkedIn Hashtag-Chrome Extension[Link Redacted] for better curating LinkedIn posts. Hashtags are important to reach out to specific people, and this extension helps immensely!

  14. Shaun Profile Pic

    I loved working with some of these excellent extensions. These extensions made my job a lot easier; thanks for the great list.

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