1. Lynn Morton Profile Pic

    This is an excellent list of AdSense optimized WordPress themes. After reading your review, I have decided to go with the free version of the Astra theme. I’m creating a website where I’ll post online courses on cooking. Do you guys have any ready site template for this niche?
    If you guys have one, this will save my life.

    1. Team Astra Profile Pic

      Hello Lynn,

      Glad to hear that you found the article useful! 🙂 Currently, we do not have any specific templates for this niche. But we will surely consider the same moving forward.

  2. Ross Allen Profile Pic

    Hello Team, I’m a long time user of your products. I would suggest everyone go with the Astra theme; it’s a perfect theme to impress your visitors and place Ads on the blog.

  3. Christina Tran Profile Pic

    Hey, you have made a great collection of AdSense optimized themes. Can you suggest the best theme that allows users to place ads at the start and end of every post?

  4. Muriel Garcia Profile Pic

    Great article. I have a question for you guys – Can any of these themes work with infinite scrolling? I appreciate any help you can provide.

  5. Percy Summers Profile Pic

    Sorry for being a newbie – Some AdSense theme shows many places for ads, how many ads we can put in one page? What is an ideal number of ads to put on a page?

  6. Tom Cooke Profile Pic

    I think most of the simple themes are good to pair with AdSense, as it all depends on ad placement, and it requires lots of testing.
    Better go with the simple and faster theme. 👍

  7. Roy Ryan Profile Pic

    Most AdSense optimized themes provide some extra widgets. This can be done with a plugin or even with an ad inserter plugin.
    The top themes in this list are straightforward, and ads will match with the layout. Nice list.

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