35 Best Portfolio Themes for WordPress in 2021

35 of the Best WordPress Portfolio Themes of 2021

If you’re a graphic designer, photographer, artist, or creative of any kind, a website is the perfect medium to show off your work. It’s open to the world, easy to create and a very low maintenance way to showcase what you can do.

If you use WordPress and you want to show off your work, you need a portfolio theme to do it justice.

That’s what this post is all about.

We have scoured the internet for the best WordPress portfolio themes. We tried and tested dozens of themes to see which is best, which offers the qualities we look for and which can do justice to your work.

The 35 WordPress portfolio themes you’ll see below deliver on that.

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What Is a Portfolio Website?

A portfolio website is designed to provide information on an individual or organization and provide the opportunity to view their work.

A portfolio can be anything. It can include samples of code, of music, video, text, images or anything you create.

We look for several qualities within a portfolio website.

We look for:

  • Attractive theme design that draws the eye but doesn’t overshadow the work
  • Customization opportunities to let you make the theme your own
  • Special effects to help show off your work at its best
  • Responsive design so visitors can use any device and get the same experience
  • Attractive image pages to let the audience delve deeper

Many of the themes in this list have all of these qualities while all have some of them.

Why Choose WordPress?

If you’re building your first portfolio, WordPress is a great place to begin. We’ll give you five good reasons why WordPress is the best tool for building your website.

  1. WordPress is free – WordPress is free and open source. You can download it onto your computer, install it on your web host and do whatever you like with it.
  2. Well-supported by web hosts – WordPress will work on the vast majority of web hosting plans. Some web hosts even offer WordPress-specific hosting, optimized for speed and reliability.
  3. WordPress themes – There are literally thousands of WordPress themes available. Some are free, some you need to pay for. All can make your website look fantastic.
  4. WordPress plugins – WordPress plugins install within WordPress to add functionality. If the system doesn’t have a feature you’re looking for, there will be a plugin for that.
  5. WordPress is easy to work with – WordPress is designed for usability. It’s easy to install, to set up, to customize and to live with on a daily basis.

These aren’t the only reasons WordPress is so popular, but they should give you an idea of why you should use it!

In a Hurry? Here Are the 5 Best WordPress Portfolio Themes for You

We recommend reading the entire list to get the best idea of the WordPress portfolio themes out there, but if you don’t have time, these five stand out.

  • Astra – Astra is fast, well-coded and flexible. It works with multiple page builders and has been designed from the ground up to be very easy to use. Combined with some fantastic template designs and full freedom over the look and feel of your site, it’s hard to find a better WordPress theme!
  • Sydney – Sydney is light, easy going and attractive in equal measure. The theme has been well thought-out and includes all those elements we look for in a WordPress portfolio theme.
  • Studio Pro – Studio Pro is a restrained theme that is all the better for its simplicity. It has all the ingredients we look for with some design flourishes that make it stand out.
  • Resume – Resume makes a real impact. It’s colourful, full of energy and could work perfectly as a resume website or as a showcase for a freelancer.
  • Perfect Portfolio – Perfect Portfolio is a free WordPress portfolio theme done well. It’s clean, modern, uses white space well and allows the portfolio to take centre stage.

35 Best WordPress Portfolio Themes

This list consists of a mixture of free WordPress portfolio themes and premium options so you get the best picture of what’s available. We hope you like it!

1. Astra

Astra Photography Portfolio theme

Astra is a WordPress theme that offers a selection of free templates that all look as though they cost much more than they did. Astra has a fantastic eye for design with great layouts, strong imagery, inspired use of fonts and all the qualities you would expect from a world-beating WordPress theme.

Astra is also very easy to use thanks to its compatibility with drag and drop page builders. It works seamlessly with Elementor, Brizy, Beaver Builder and Gutenberg and makes website creation about as easy as it can get.

Astra is also lightweight so it loads quickly, fully responsive so it can work on any device and translation-ready. It literally has everything you need to build your portfolio website!

Pros of Astra:

  • Amazing free WordPress portfolio themes
  • Lightweight, reliable theme
  • SEO-friendly and fast loading
  • Works with leading page builders
  • Has dedicated portfolio themes

Cons of Astra:

  • Sometimes too much choice isn’t a good thing!

Astra Pricing

There is a free version of Astra while premium starts at $47.

Opinion of Astra

We may be biased, but we think Astra is the most generous free WordPress theme in the world. It has lots of great themes, is very well-coded so is reliable and stable, loads incredibly quickly and has compatibility with some of the best page builders out there.

2. Studio Pro

Studio Pro genesis theme

Studio Pro uses the Genesis Framework which works with WordPress to deliver some great-looking themes. This theme is no exception. It’s a relatively laid back theme that could be ideal for studios or creatives in markets where being composed will work best for their audience.

The design is colourful and well balanced but doesn’t exhibit some of the edgy elements we see in other themes. It’s a very well designed theme with lots of white space and a series of portfolio options to showcase your work as well as your business.

Pros of Studio Pro:

  • Almost corporate style would work for some audiences
  • Loads quickly and uses Genesis
  • Could be customized to suit any type of medium
  • Responsive and translation-ready

Cons of Studio Pro:

  • Doesn’t make the immediate impact some might look for in a portfolio
  • Expensive

Studio Pro Pricing

Studio Pro costs $129.

Opinion of Studio Pro

Studio Pro is just on the right side of corporate. It’s clean, has nice colours and fonts and is easy to look at and to use. It could be ideal for some creatives whose target market is used to more restrained design.

3. Divi

Divi Web Freelancer Portfolio theme

The Web Freelancer Portfolio theme from Divi is similar to Studio Pro in its design. It’s light, clean and restrained but still gives a professional first impression. This theme could also be used for developers, writers and other creatives as a portfolio as it is flexible enough to handle almost anything.

The demo uses white space well with simple modern fonts and graphics down the page. A full screen section below the fold offers a pop of colour and could be the ideal place to showcase any hero pieces you might have. A standalone portfolio section could take care of the rest.

Pros of Divi:

  • Divi comes with a number of free themes you can use
  • Works with the Divi Builder for drag and drop efficiency
  • Clean designs that are fully customizable
  • Range of portfolio sections with optional effects

Cons of Divi:

  • Restrained design won’t work for everyone

Divi Pricing

Divi costs $89 per year or $249 for lifetime access.

Opinion of Divi

Divi is an excellent WordPress theme. It’s well-coded, lightweight and is flexible and customizable. The designs aren’t up to the same standard of creativity as Astra but they could be ideal for some audiences.

4. Ultra

Portfolio Ultra theme demo

Ultra is another WordPress theme family with multiple themes covering every niche. This portfolio theme is much more vibrant than Studio Pro or Divi. It’s bright, colourful, energetic and works very well indeed.

The modern design is actually very simple. Some full screen elements with images, graphics and a portfolio grid with a contact form at the bottom. Combined with great use of colour and bold fonts, the overall impression is of something much bigger than the sum of its parts.

That makes it ideal for a portfolio!

Pros of Ultra:

  • Vibrant and colourful design
  • Loads quickly and works flawlessly
  • The default grid portfolio works well
  • Option to add effects and other portfolio styles

Cons of Ultra:

  • There is very little to criticize about Ultra

Ultra Pricing

Ultra costs $59.

Opinion of Ultra

Ultra displays those qualities many would think of when looking for a portfolio. Lots of life, colour and an energy that’s difficult to resist. All that alongside a well-designed showcase for your work. There is very little to criticize here.

5. Neve

Creative Portfolio Template neve

Neve has a couple of WordPress portfolio themes for different situations but we think Creative Portfolio is the best. It’s another agency theme, ideal for studios or creatives with an audience who would engage best with more restrained design.

The demo features a lot of white space, some content sections to explain who you are and what you do and a clean, crisp portfolio section down the page. You have the option to change the order things appear, add or remove page sections and change fonts and colours but we think this demo would work well for some.

Pros of Neve:

  • Uses modern flat design
  • Integrates with drag and drop page builders
  • Works with most WordPress plugins
  • Has a wide range of themes to choose from

Cons of Neve:

  • The designs are better suited to some audiences than others

Neve Pricing

Neve has a free WordPress portfolio theme while premium plans cost from £59 up to £159.

Opinion of Neve

Neve is a very well coded WordPress theme that works well, loads quickly and is simple to customize. All themes use restrained design though, which is better suited to some audiences than others.

6. Zakra

Zakra Portfolio demo site

Zakra sits in the middle ground between Neve and Ultra. It’s a laid back, restrained design but has pops of colour and personality throughout. It’s an excellent option for creatives who need to appeal to the widest possible audience.

The portfolio demo uses a corporate-style header with a pop of colour and then unfolds into a colourful page with some graphics, lots of white space, some superb fonts and an excellent portfolio section. The combination of energy and restraint is truly excellent and makes it a firm favourite of ours.

Pros of Zakra:

  • Exquisite design with both restraint and energy
  • Well-coded and easy to use
  • Pages load quickly
  • Fully responsive

Cons of Zakra:

  • Care will be needed to customize without losing the character

Zakra Pricing

Zakra costs from $49 up to $199.

Opinion of Zakra

We rate Zakra very highly for its design, ease of use and overall appeal. It’s a very well designed WordPress portfolio theme with some great ideas, nicely balanced pages and the combination of restraint and vibrancy.

7. Portfolio

Portfolio Theme MyThemeShop demo

Portfolio is a clean minimalist design with a simple layout, very little content except the portfolio and modest navigation. It has clearly been designed to showcase your work and wants very little to get in the way of the audience’s enjoyment of it.

We like minimalist design when it’s done well, as it has been done here. The intent is clear, the portfolio very well designed and the transition effects when you select a category are smooth and add a little flourish your audience will appreciate.

Pros of Portfolio:

  • Clean minimalist page design
  • Great use of white space
  • Transitions between portfolio categories are nice
  • Lots of options to customize

Cons of Portfolio:

  • You will need to add content for SEO without spoiling the original design

Portfolio Pricing

Portfolio costs $59.

Opinion of Portfolio

We like Portfolio for its simplicity. It states its case immediately and makes sure nothing gets in the way of enjoying your work. That’s minimalism done well.

8. Coastline

Coastline portfolio theme

Coastline is the exact opposite of Portfolio. There is no white space to be seen and no respite from the content. It’s an equally appealing design, just for very different reasons.

This WordPress portfolio theme uses a full screen portfolio section front and centre along with a side menu for navigation. There are simple hover effects over images and the overall impression is of a West Coast vibe, hence the name.

This is a very cool WordPress portfolio theme with attractive pages, inspired font choices and an array of display options for your work.

Pros of Coastline:

Cons of Coastline:

  • The character will need to be retained while also fitting your personal brand which may be difficult to achieve

Coastline Pricing

Coastline costs from $39 up to $199.

Opinion of Coastline

We really like the vibe of Coastline. It’s easy going, relaxed and works for us. That said, it would be difficult to customize the design to suit a brand without losing that. If you can make it work though, this could be an exceptional WordPress portfolio theme!

9. Resume

resume theme demo site

Resume is a slightly different take on the WordPress portfolio theme. It’s a resume theme with portfolio elements. Arguably a primary reason many of you are looking to build a portfolio in the first place.

Resume is colourful and impactful thanks to the bold introduction. There is empty space but no white space and that fits the character of the design. It’s smart, smooth and very modern with opportunities to add your story as well as your work. With clean flat design and some vibrant colours, this could make a superb portfolio!

Pros of Resume:

  • Vibrant and colourful
  • Flat design is very current
  • Works as both a resume and portfolio
  • Loads quickly and is fully responsive

Cons of Resume:

  • This kind of impactful design won’t work for all audiences

Resume Pricing

Resume costs $59.

Opinion of Resume

Resume is full of life and colour. It’s a superb design that unfolds in a logical way and works as a resume and portfolio. Those colours won’t work for everyone but can be changed, as can everything about it if required.

10. Sydney

Sydney Gutenberg theme

Sydney is another top class WordPress theme with a portfolio demo. There are a selection of demo websites available but we think Resume has the best portfolio. It’s nothing like the previous Resume though.

This version is a lighter, easier going design with light colours, lots of white space, simple fonts and a sprinkling of personality throughout. There is a very effective portfolio section below the fold that looks modern and supports hover effects.

Overall, we rate Sydney for the quality of the code as well as the design. This demo could work for freelancers, studios or anyone with an audience who appreciates simplicity.

Pros of Sydney:

  • Clean, crisp design with a modern twist
  • Nice portfolio section
  • Great flow down the page with lots of white space
  • Works with Elementor

Cons of Sydney:

  • The Resume demo isn’t available with the free version

Sydney Pricing

Sydney has a free version and a premium version that costs $59.

Opinion of Sydney

Sydney features frequently in our ‘best of’ lists. It is well-coded, well designed and well put together. The designs may be restrained but they still have plenty of character and can be customized to delight almost any audience.

11. Hestia Pro

Hestia PRO WordPress Theme Demo

Hestia Pro is brought to you by the same studio that develops Neve. This is a different template with a similar look and feel. It uses modern flat design very well with some interesting uses of colour. It’s a very flexible theme too, which could work for studios or freelancers alike.

This isn’t a dedicated WordPress portfolio theme but has portfolio elements we like a lot. Scroll down the page to the store section and further to the blog and you’ll see what we mean. Great typography, stylish page elements and an atmosphere of calm competence abound here, which is why we like it.

You would need to configure the portfolio and add it to the page but the theme makes that easy.

Pros of Hestia Pro:

  • Smart modern design
  • Offers personality without going overboard
  • Great use of colours and fonts
  • Stylish image and product sections could make superb portfolios

Cons of Hestia Pro:

  • More work to do than with a dedicated WordPress portfolio theme

Hestia Pro Pricing

Hestia Pro costs from £69 to £199.

Opinion of Hestia Pro

Hestia and Neve are both regulars in our ‘best of’ lists along with Sydney. Both offer a selection of great themes with real character and wide appeal. They are easy to work with, load quickly and offer almost unlimited opportunity for customization.

12. The Agency

The Agency demo site

The Agency has an old school vibe that is very attractive. It’s almost timeless, with an impression of times gone by with modernity woven throughout. It works exceptionally well and could be a superb WordPress portfolio theme in the right hands.

The demo makes an immediate impact with a series of full screen images with a small content box in the corner. An alternative start page is available in the top menu with a masonry grid which would make a great portfolio. Whatever page you choose, this is an achingly attractive theme that looks a million dollars.

Pros of The Agency:

  • Stylish with a very unique character
  • Loads quickly and has clean code
  • Lots of customization options
  • Multiple portfolio layout options

Cons of The Agency:

  • You will really need to know how to use imagery to do the design justice

The Agency Pricing

The Agency costs from $69 per year or $247 for a lifetime licence.

Opinion of The Agency

We really like The Agency. It makes a superb WordPress portfolio theme with genuine character. It’s a little different while still delivering the goods and we applaud it for that.

13. Perfect Portfolio

Rara Themes Perfect portfolio demo

Perfect Portfolio is one of the better free WordPress portfolio themes out there. It does have a premium option but the free version is definitely worth checking out. It’s clean, crisp and has similar transition effects as Portfolio.

The design is clean and mainly monochrome with the odd complementing colour and imagery. It uses modern fonts, lots of white space and a simple portfolio grid to showcase your work. There are also content areas underneath to showcase yourself which might be useful.

This may be a free WordPress portfolio theme but it certainly doesn’t look or feel like one!

Pros of Perfect Portfolio:

  • Very competent free WordPress portfolio theme
  • Clean modern design
  • Nice transition effects for images
  • Fully responsive

Cons of Perfect Portfolio:

  • Free themes require more work to make them shine

Perfect Portfolio Pricing

Perfect Portfolio is a free WordPress portfolio theme with a premium option costing $59.

Opinion of Perfect Portfolio

Perfect Portfolio is definitely one of the better free WordPress portfolio themes. It’s clean, crisp and well designed and has the flexibility and wide appeal you would expect from a premium theme.

14. Revolution Pro

Revolution Pro studiopress theme

Revolution Pro is a monochrome design with minimalist tendencies yet still delivers a genuine impact. It’s a thoroughly modern design with simple navigation, a large central image, extra content sections throughout and an innovative portfolio section halfway down the page.

Revolution Pro uses the Genesis Framework to great effect here and the innovative portfolio layout is particularly powerful. It will take some work to get it looking like this but everything is there for you to do it.

Pros of Revolution Pro:

  • Uses the reliable Genesis Framework
  • Clean minimalist design with a couple of flourishes
  • Innovative portfolio layout works exceptionally well
  • Supports a store and most WordPress plugins

Cons of Revolution Pro:

  • Getting that portfolio section to work for your own work might take some time

The price

Revolution Pro Pricing

Revolution Pro costs $129.95.

Opinion of Revolution Pro

Revolution Pro is a superior WordPress portfolio theme that keeps things simple in a good way. It’s a modern showcase that could be customized for any type of work and for that we think it is well worth exploring further.

15. ePortfolio

ePortfolio demo site

ePortfolio dares to be different and that makes it another standout free WordPress portfolio theme. It’s a very innovative full page three column design where each column scrolls independently.

It’s a smart design that works exceptionally well and offers a lot of potential in terms of design and layout.

The first column of the demo has the navigation while the second and third showcase the imagery. You could change this around or add whatever content you wanted to each column but we think this layout works best.

Pros of ePortfolio:

  • Unique three column layout with individual scrolling sections
  • Doesn’t look like a free WordPress portfolio theme
  • Colourful and characterful layout
  • Lots of customization options

Cons of ePortfolio:

  • Will require more effort from you to build

ePortfolio Pricing

ePortfolio is a free WordPress portfolio theme with a premium version that costs $49.

Opinion of ePortfolio

Any free WordPress portfolio theme that delivers the same quality experience as a premium theme has to get our vote. Add that clever layout with individual scrolling columns and lots of opportunity to showcase your work and you have a winner on your hands!

16. Shapely

Shapely Demo

Shapely is another top class free portfolio WordPress theme. This isn’t a dedicated portfolio design but does showcase imagery particularly well. It’s a one page theme that makes an immediate impact with a full screen image and scrolls down to extra content sections, including those for images.

The layout of the demo is a typical blog but could be customized to work with anything you need. It’s a flexible design compatible with most WordPress plugins so you could build whatever you want or add image effects or different portfolio types with a simple install.

Pros of Shapely:

  • Excellent use of a hero image
  • Opportunities to add portfolio sections down the page
  • Simple design that still makes an impact
  • It’s free

Cons of Shapely:

  • Shapely will take work to bring it up to standard but it could be worth it

Shapely Pricing

Shapely is free.

Opinion of Shapely

Shapely is another good example of a free portfolio WordPress theme. It’s clean, well-designed, has clean code and loads quickly. If you know your way around WordPress, you could do a lot with this!

17. Zelle Pro

Zelle PRO WordPress Theme Demo

Zelle Pro is another theme from ThemeIsle, the people who brought us Neve and Hestia. We think Zelle Pro is the better theme as it has more character. It’s a flat design that uses a similar colour palette but offers total freedom to redesign everything however you like.

The demo website begins as a traditional studio website would and transitions into content areas including a very attractive portfolio section. This makes it ideal for companies or studios who want to promote themselves as well as their work. The transition effects are smooth and look the part, hence its place in our list.

Pros of Zelle Pro:

  • Modern flat design done well
  • Attractive portfolio section with effects
  • Would work for companies as well as individuals
  • Pages load quickly and on all devices

Cons of Zelle Pro:

  • No real wow factor

Zelle Pro Pricing

Zelle Pro costs from £66 to £199.

Opinion of Zelle Pro

Zelle Pro, like Neve and Hestia are good designs but not great. Not quite ‘meh’ but not far from it either. The real strength of these themes is their versatility. You can use the demo as the basis and customize everything with your own personal flair. That’s why we feature them.

18. Angle

Angle Portfolio WordPress Theme demo

Angle is one of those thoroughly modern WordPress portfolio themes that are all the rage right now. Light, crisp and characterful while allowing the eye to rest between elements and without overwhelming you with content or colour.

The Angle demo could be ideal for all types of creative with a smart front page and a separate portfolio page with modest effects and smooth transitions between categories. The rest of the site reflects the same quality of light and space with modern fonts and a logical flow throughout the site.

Pros of Angle:

  • Very current design
  • Could work for individuals or studios
  • Powerful portfolio section
  • Fully responsive

Cons of Angle:

  • Very little to criticize here

Angle Pricing

Angle costs $69.

Opinion of Angle

Angle is a superb WordPress portfolio theme that doesn’t do anything outstandingly well but does enough across the board to make it a compelling option when considering a new theme. It’s smart, modern and very flexible and we like it for that.

19. Nico

Nico portfolio theme

Nico is something different. It’s another modern take on the WordPress portfolio theme but uses a boxed layout with a side menu to showcase your work. It’s a relaxed theme with soft colours, a mix of serif and sans serif fonts and a mix of muted elements that let the portfolio stand out.

We like Nico because it’s different. It’s another design content to showcase the work and stand back and let you admire it. All while being there for when you need it. The colour choice, mix of fonts and feature-packed side menu make this the perfect choice for some creatives.

Pros of Nico:

  • Boxed layout with innovative side menu works well
  • Content to showcase your work without taking away from it
  • Includes all the elements you’re likely to need
  • Image pages are a standout feature

Cons of Nico:

  • There is little to fault here

Nico Pricing

Nice costs from $39 up to $199.

Opinion of Nico

Nico is a very well designed WordPress portfolio theme. It’s characterful, modern, easy to use and nice to spend time with. It’s also not driven by ego and content to stay in the background and let your work shine. That alone makes it worth the investment.

20. True North

True North free theme

True North is another of our free WordPress portfolio themes. Designed by CSSIgniter, the same people behind Nico, this is another top class design well worth your attention.

True North is a simple, unfussy design built as a business or studio website with a modest header, simple navigation and introduction and then a smart portfolio section. It’s that portfolio that makes it stand out but we’re not sure why. It doesn’t shout. It isn’t particularly innovative but there is something about it that makes it shine.

Pros of True North:

  • Simple, unfussy design
  • Very flexible theme with the freedom to customize
  • Responsive and fast loading
  • Compatible with most WordPress plugins

Cons of True North:

  • Will require more work from you than many premium themes

True North Pricing

True North is a free theme.

Opinion of True North

True North is a great design done well. Simple but effective. Characterful but not overly so. We still can’t decide why we like that portfolio section so much but we think you might like it too.

21. Reel

Reel wordpress theme

Reel is designed as a video portfolio theme but could work equally well for images or artwork too. It’s a modern design with attractive aesthetics, including a full screen video header with integrated player.

The rest of the demo site is a straightforward portfolio grid of videos with a simple hover effect. Extra portfolio pages expand your options extensively.

Reel works exceptionally well because of that simplicity as it’s the content that has your complete attention and nothing else. You could add more content if you wanted as the theme is flexible enough to support it.

Pros of Reel:

  • Interesting video WordPress portfolio theme
  • Lots of portfolio options included within the theme
  • Simple but very effective design
  • Flexible and responsive

Cons of Reel:

  • More expensive than some other WordPress portfolio themes

Reel Pricing

Reel costs $79.

Opinion of Reel

Reel is the ideal option for those of you that need a video WordPress portfolio theme. It’s light, easy to use, has some nice effects and a selection of portfolio layouts to choose from. What’s not to like?

22. Ink

Ink portfolio wordpress theme

Ink is a powerful WordPress portfolio theme. It’s another full screen design with a side menu that makes an immediate impact. That side menu is modest but effective and could be expanded easily to fill that side section much better than in the demo.

The main page is a grid showcase of your work with simple hover effects. Click an image and you’re taken to an attractive page that expands on it and adds content to help you showcase, promote or sell your work. It’s an intelligent design that deserves to be used.

Pros of Ink:

  • Smart design with side menu layout
  • Attractive portfolio grid with hover effects
  • Equally attractive individual image pages
  • Page loads quickly despite the number of images

Cons of Ink:

  • You’re going to need an extensive portfolio to fill that page

Ink Pricing

Ink costs $49.

Opinion of Ink

If you have enough work to fill that main page, Ink is an excellent option as your next WordPress portfolio theme. It’s lightweight, loads quickly and includes some modern touches that will work for many types of audiences.

23. Avril

Avril demo site

Avril is a free WordPress portfolio theme with a premium option. Either could work very well as they are equally flexible and offer similar opportunities for customization.

Avril is a corporate design with a full screen image header, bold colours, modern fonts and some very clever touches throughout the page. There isn’t a dedicated portfolio section but the theme includes the opportunity to add them with similar characteristics as the rest of the design. For that we recommend it.

Pros of Avril:

  • Bright and attractive design
  • Enough flexibility to customize to your own tastes
  • Can be customized to add a portfolio with ease
  • WooCommerce compatible

Cons of Avril:

  • Doesn’t include a portfolio section by default

Avril Pricing

Avril is a free WordPress portfolio theme with a premium option from $49.

Opinion of Avril

We like Avril because it’s a corporate theme with real character. If you’re looking for a portfolio for your business, combining modern design with that portfolio could be just what you’re looking for.

24. Portfolio Web Pro

Portfolio Web Pro demo site

Portfolio Web Pro is a smart modern theme with some nice touches. It’s part resume, part corporate and part portfolio and works for all three. It’s modern, light, engaging and uses white space exceptionally well.

The demo begins with a compelling main image and buttons to take you directly to the portfolio. The page scrolls smoothly to tell your story, past a history section, services and experience and down to the portfolio. It’s a flat grid layout with hover effects and is one of the best portfolio sections here. That section alone is why it’s in our list.

Pros of Portfolio Web Pro:

  • Attractive design with wide appeal
  • Works for companies, studios or individuals
  • Smooth page flow
  • Very compelling portfolio section

Cons of Portfolio Web Pro:

  • Nothing to criticize here

Portfolio Web Pro Pricing

Portfolio Web Pro costs $55 or $99.

Opinion of Portfolio Web Pro

Portfolio Web Pro is one of the few WordPress portfolio themes that appeals equally across the entire range of creatives. That makes it well worth exploring even for the portfolio section on its own!

25. Inspiro

Inspiro Portfolio & Photography WordPress Theme demo

Inspiro is a little controversial but is so effective that we think you should definitely check it out if you’re looking for a video portfolio theme. It’s controversial because it uses autoplay video in the header. You could disable that but would it make the same impact?

There are several demos built around different portfolio types. Each is modern, well-balanced, includes modern typography and design flourishes that make it stand out. If you can create a video intro without autoplay, it could be the only video portfolio theme you ever need!

Pros of Inspiro:

  • Very impactful first impression
  • Selection of predefined demo themes all ready to go
  • Modern design with some nice touches
  • Modern typography works well

Cons of Inspiro:

  • Autoplay video is a definite no-no

Inspiro Pricing

Inspiro costs $79.

Opinion of Inspiro

Inspiro is a very competent WordPress portfolio theme that has both video and image demos that could suit almost any purpose. It’s flexible and can be fully configured how you like. That more than makes up for the autoplay faux pas.

26. Stack

Stack Demo themify

Stack is a WordPress portfolio theme that likes to make an entrance that’s for sure. It’s a full screen design reminiscent of the Windows desktop with a colourful sidebar and animated centre tiled sections. Those tiles would be where you showcase your work be it images, art, video or something else.

Despite looking like Windows, this is a very attractive design. Bold colours, dark background, stark fonts and the animations all work well. We would suggest changing it up so it doesn’t look like your desktop but otherwise, this theme has everything you need to build a modern, attractive portfolio website.

Pros of Stack:

  • Colourful and impactful
  • Smart tile design works well with the animations
  • Side menu done well
  • Flexible and configurable

Cons of Stack:

  • The Windows aesthetic won’t work for everyone

Stack Pricing

Stack costs $59 or $69.

Opinion of Stack

We like Stack despite its similarity to Windows, not because of it. It’s colourful, characterful and makes a real statement. It also provides the perfect opportunity to showcase yourself and your work, if the aesthetic works for you that is.

27. Conceptly

Conceptly wordpress theme

Conceptly is another non-portfolio theme that is so strong that we think it could make a superb portfolio theme. Orange always works online and this theme takes orange and runs with it.

This is a corporate design with some nice flourishes we think could work for larger studios or companies. It uses colour well, just enough to make a statement but not too much that it hurts your eyes. Plenty of white space lets the eyes rest between sections too. Even a quick look at this theme will demonstrate quite clearly why we like it!

Pros of Conceptly:

  • Bold design with great use of colour and white space
  • Flexible enough to handle any customization
  • The right kind of impact for a portfolio
  • Fully responsive

Cons of Conceptly:

  • Will take more work to customize than a dedicated WordPress portfolio theme

Conceptly Pricing

Conceptly has a free version and a premium option that costs from $49.

Opinion of Conceptly

Conceptly is not a WordPress portfolio theme but it could be. We think it’s easily strong enough to take any kind of customization and would work well for larger studios or organizations who want to showcase their work.

28. Vignette

Vignette wordpress theme

Vignette is a dark WordPress portfolio theme with a modest mustard contrast colour that works surprisingly well. Much of that is down to the quality of the images and if you can replicate that, this could be the last theme you look at today.

The demo begins with a plain black header image which is the opposite of the norm. A simple headline and button works well. Below the fold is where the action is and a portfolio grid shows you exactly why we like it. While the images are stylized, you can immediately see how well it could work for you.

Pros of Vignette:

  • Stylish modern design
  • The plain header works surprisingly well
  • The stylized portfolio section is superb
  • Can be customized anyway you like

Cons of Vignette:

Vignette Pricing

Vignette costs from $39 to $199.

Opinion of Vignette

Vignette is a particularly striking WordPress portfolio theme thanks to that design. It’s modern, attractive and could span the entire range of creative work with ease. It’s also responsive, fully customizable and great value too!

29. Freedom

Freedom WordPress theme demo

Freedom is a free WordPress portfolio theme with a premium option. Both are light and breezy designs built for portfolios with boxed layouts, attractive background image and simple typography.

Freedom doesn’t look or feel like a free WordPress portfolio theme. The pro version just adds to that but the free version is perfectly usable. It uses white space well, has an integrated image slider, subtle hover effects and compatibility with drag and drop page builders.

Pros of Freedom:

  • Works with Elementor, Brizy, Gutenberg, Beaver Builder and SiteOrigin
  • Clean design with good use of white space
  • Lots of opportunities to showcase images and video
  • Fully responsive

Cons of Freedom:

  • The free version will require more work than the premium

Freedom Pricing

Freedom has a free option and a premium version that costs $69 or $99.

Opinion of Freedom

Freedom is a standout free WordPress portfolio theme that is simple and sophisticated at the same time. It’s a clean design with lots of opportunities to showcase your work.

30. Nikkon

Nikkon portfolio theme for WordPress

Nikkon is a multipurpose WordPress theme that lends itself well to a portfolio. There is a free and a premium version of this template and both work equally well to showcase images.

The demo template is clean with lots of white space and a portfolio grid front and centre. Images have a smart monochrome to colour transition that works well and lots of opportunities to add supporting content should you wish. Individual image pages are simple but very effective too.

Pros of Nikkon:

  • Clean white design with elegant simplicity
  • Image transition is particularly effective
  • Compatible with most page builders
  • Fully responsive

Cons of Nikkon:

  • You would have to add your own content elements to help with SEO

Nikkon Pricing

Nikkon is a free WordPress portfolio theme with a premium version that costs $25.

Opinion of Nikkon

Nikkon is a minimalist design that doesn’t do much but provide the foundation for your portfolio. Despite that, the overall effect is very attractive. It also means this template is flexible enough to handle all kinds of art covering most tastes.

31. Masonry

Free Masonry Theme demo

As free WordPress portfolio themes go, Masonry is about as minimal as it gets. A stark framework with a text logo, modest navigation and nothing to distract the eye from your portfolio. It works surprisingly well considering the lack of anything else on the page.

That isn’t a criticism. We think Masonry works well, especially for a free theme. A large grid layout does the job nicely with a very simple hover effect. Individual image pages are equally simple but showcase the work without getting in the way.

Despite what it looks like, it takes great skill to do minimalism well and this is a great example of that.

Pros of Masonry:

  • Unfussy design that lets the images shine
  • Minimal design done well
  • Fully customizable to fit your own brand
  • It’s free!

Cons of Masonry:

  • Very little to criticize aside from lack of page builder

Masonry Pricing

Masonry is a free WordPress portfolio theme.

Opinion of Masonry

Masonry does minimalism well. To get that kind of appeal with very little to create it takes a good eye for design. That’s exactly what you get here. For free.

32. Peak

Peak themify theme demo

Peak is another multipurpose theme with an appealing portfolio section. The demo opens with that portfolio in a grid layout. Images have a subtle shader hover effect and open into individual image pages with a nice top section and supporting content underneath.

Peak is a well-balanced WordPress portfolio theme. Lots of images and lots of white space. Lots of colour and lots of plain areas. It’s a great balance that is hard to design into a template that scrolls to the length of Peak.

Pros of Peak:

  • Portfolio section is very pleasing to the eye
  • Well-designed individual image pages
  • Lots of customization options
  • Masonry grid is very current

Cons of Peak:

  • Themify builder is a little simplistic

Peak Pricing

Peak costs $59 or $69.

Opinion of Peak

Peak is another of those WordPress portfolio themes that is much more than the sum of its parts. It looks simple but is complex. Looks minimal but offers a lot. It’s a genuinely compelling template that could work in a range of situations.

33. Pixgraphy

PIXGRAPHY demo site

Pixgraphy is a free WordPress portfolio theme with a premium option that delivers a lot for no money. It opens with a full screen image slider and opens into a grid layout with a very colourful image gallery with hover effect that effortlessly draws you in.

The rest of the page is equally well designed with a range of styling options and content sections you can use to supplement the gallery. It’s a very well designed theme with a lot to recommend it.

Pros of Pixgraphy:

  • Very impactful design
  • Strong full screen image
  • Stylish grid portfolio with hover effect
  • It’s free!

Cons of Pixgraphy:

  • This is another theme that will require superior image handling skills

Pixgraphy Pricing

Pixgraphy is a free WordPress portfolio theme with premium versions costing from $59 to $99.

Opinion of Pixgraphy

Pixgraphy is a strong portfolio theme with everything you need to showcase your work. It’s flexible, includes lots of styling options, a very strong portfolio section and some workable image pages. Plus it’s free.

34. Integral

Integral Pro Demo site

Integral is another interesting free WordPress portfolio theme with a premium option. It’s another clean modern theme with some attractive design flourishes that make it worthy of note.

The demo for Integral is a standard corporate layout that could be customized to suit anyone. It opens with a large header image and includes the usual content elements until you get to the portfolio. Here you have a large single image portfolio section and a grid section. Both of which could showcase your work with minimal effort.

Pros of Integral:

  • Modern design with some nice touches
  • Great use of white space
  • Single image portfolio is a nice touch
  • It’s free!

Cons of Integral:

  • Will require work from you to make it shine
  • Some useful elements are premium only

Integral Pricing

Integral is a free WordPress portfolio theme with a premium version that costs $67.

Opinion of Integral

Integral has a Euro feel brought by the font and use of white space. The portfolio sections are why the theme is here but are supported more than competently by the rest of the design.

35. Ignis

Ignis demo site

Ignis is our final free WordPress portfolio theme. It’s an impactful design with a lovely header image with nice tinting. A scrolling headline attracts the eye almost as much as the image. The rest of the theme is equally compelling.

The rest of the page opens out into a minimal grid layout perfect for showcasing your work. There is nothing to distract the eye and some simple effects to make them more interesting. A series of optional pages just adds to the flexibility of this theme.

Pros of Ignis:

  • Striking first impression
  • Simple portfolio grid with no distractions
  • Attractive single image pages
  • Great use of white space and fonts

Cons of Ignis:

  • None come to mind

Ignis Pricing

Ignis is a free WordPress portfolio theme.

Opinion of Ignis

Ignis is simplicity done well. It’s a little playful too, setting you up with a fullscreen image and then switching to minimalism with a simple, unadorned portfolio grid. It’s well worth a look.

Recommended Plugins for Portfolio Websites

As well as a series of 35 WordPress themes, there are also three portfolio plugins we would recommend you use on your website.

WP Portfolio

WP Portfolio website

WP Portfolio is a powerful plugin that helps you quickly build website, image or video portfolios. It comes with over 40 portfolio templates, provides full customization of every part of the layout and design and works seamlessly with Astra and other WordPress templates.

It’s a very powerful way to build multiple portfolios and use them on a website!

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO WordPress plugin

Yoast SEO is the best WordPress plugin for managing Search Engine Optimization. Once you have poured your heart and soul into your website, you want people to find it. Yoast SEO helps you with that by simplifying the many SEO tasks you need to get noticed.

It has a free or premium version that offers the opportunity to control the majority of SEO requirements you’ll need to take care of.

Schema Pro

schema pro wordpress plugin

Schema Pro is the perfect WordPress plugin for handling schema markup. Schema markup influences how your website appears in search engine results and enables them to provide more informative results. This should in turn encourage them to visit your site.

Schema Pro handles the vast majority of the work so you don’t have to. If you care about how your site comes across in the search engines, you need Schema Pro.


So that’s our list of the 35 best WordPress portfolio themes around. We think there is a good mix of designs covering every potential audience and taste.

Some stand out for being bold and colourful while others are notable for their simplicity. Either way, if you’re looking for a new WordPress portfolio theme, you’re sure to find it here!

Which Theme Should You Choose?

As always, you won’t go wrong if you choose any of the themes features on this page. However, a couple stand out from the crowd.

Astra stands out because of the quality of the designs, flexibility of the layouts and power of the page builders. It is an exceptionally flexible and fast loading theme with some very cool features.

Perfect Portfolio also stands out for being a great looking free WordPress portfolio theme. Too often, free themes are obvious due to old designs, out of date typography or lack of character. This theme avoids all that.

Do you use any of these themes? Which WordPress portfolio theme would you choose and why? Tell us your thoughts below!

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  3. Can we create a portfolio website without a page builder or any plugin? I don’t want anything creative; a simple design should be fine. Many themes in this list are unique and creative. Just what you expect to find when you search for the Best WordPress themes.

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