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The Best Way To Download Astra Pro For Free

Over the last few years, we at team Astra have experienced tremendous growth with our WordPress & WooCommerce products (themes and plugins).

The WordPress community has always wanted faster, light-weight, and high-performing websites.

With their feedback, we have continually improved the functionalities and capabilities of our flagship Astra theme (Free and Pro).

The growth has been tremendous — with over 1,000,000 downloads and growing — we are helping more & more website owners and agencies created WordPress websites.

However, with the sudden growth and popularity also comes competition.

No, we don’t mean competition from other themes in the market.

We’re talking about competition from piracy. We’re noticing an increase in pirated and nulled versions of Astra Pro.

There are many risks to downloading and using a nulled version of Astra Pro — security issues, performance issues, Google penalties, etc. We’ll cover the risks in detail in the next few sections.

To answer one of your burning questions… yes, there is a way to get Astra Pro for free, and directly from us. Read on to learn more!

The Risks of Using Pirated Versions of Astra Pro

As the co-founder of a software company (Astra), of course, I’m a bit biased about the risks of pirated software. So, let me start by covering the obvious — the elephant in the room.

Yes, it does impact our revenue, and this limits our chance to re-invest and build more software products for other WordPress and WooCommerce users/customers.

Ok — enough about us 🙂

I want to make this article educational and useful to you, and want to focus less on the impact it has on us.

There are other problems or risks that you will experience when you download and use pirated software.

Let’s review some of the risks and hazards when you download any pirated software (not just Astra Pro).

Risk 1: Risks of Viruses and Malware

According to a study — 34% of pirated software downloaded were embedded with malware that infects a computer. About 50% of these were trojans.

Once installed on your browser or your computer it can potentially corrupt your data and also the device.

For example, hackers can log your keystrokes, hack your webcam, etc. This malware or spyware can also tap into your home or office network. Also, the potential damage can expand beyond access to your personal and business information.

One of the most significant threats affecting small businesses is the rise of ransomware.

According to a report, 70 percent of ransomware attacks in 2018 were targeted towards small businesses, and the average ransom demand was $118,000.

The potential personal, business and financial risks aren’t worth the money you will save by getting a nulled or pirated version.

Web access data protection

Risk 2: Risks of Your Website not Working Properly

If you are reading this then the chances are that your website is either using WordPress or WooCommerce.

The good news is that WordPress continues to grow as the largest CMS in the market.

The bad news — WordPress websites are also the most hacked or vulnerable to cyberattacks.

If you install any type of pirated WordPress software i.e., plugins, themes, etc. this increases the risk of your website getting hacked.

The malware usually modifies either the index.php files or functions.php files. and this gives the attacker access to your WordPress site, including files, users, orders, etc.

The implications could be severe, pirated software could hurt your SEO. After all Google blacklists in excess of 10,000+ websites every day.

Blacklisting affects your website’s user experience, and also your search results. Sites lose about 95% of their search traffic once Google blacklists them.

And it can take about 3-4 weeks or longer to get a proper response from Google, and even longer to rectify your SEO situation.

Small businesses and agencies spend months, if not years, to build their SEO traffic. The implications or risks of an SEO penalty isn’t worth a few dollars you can save with pirated software.

Risk 3: Compatibility Issues With WordPress and Other Plugins

If you’ve used WordPress for a while — you’re aware of the constant updates and maintenance it requires.

On average, WordPress has a major release every year and several minor updates throughout the year.

Most of the 55,000+ WordPress plugins are also updated by developers. The plugins are updated to ensure that they are compatible with the latest version of WordPress.

Running a WordPress or WooCommerce website is like maintaining a car. There are many moving parts, and you have to continually maintain (or update) it to ensure a smooth ride (or smooth operation).

Themes aren’t any different. Each WordPress Theme creator wants to ensure that their themes are also compatible with both the latest WordPress version, and other plugins.

We at Astra aren’t any different.

In total, we’ve made over 122 version updates to the Astra theme, 103 version updates to Astra Pro, 55 updates to Starter Templates (formerly Astra Sites) Plugin.

It’s in our and our client’s best interest to continually update the software.

When you download a pirated or nulled version, you aren’t getting these updates. Pirated theme might work in the short-term, but eventually at some point it’ll probably stop working.

Risk 4: Support Issues

When you download pirated software, you’re on your own.

If you experience any download issues or compatibility issues then you don’t get access to that company’s support team.

Astra Pro’s support isn’t any different. I’ll cover more in-depth about the level of support in another section below.

Let’s say you rely on your website to attract users, convert customers, and sell products, the last thing you can afford is downtime.

And yet if you do experience downtime, you want to ensure that the support is there to get your site back up.

That’s the benefit you lose out on when using pirated or nulled version of Astra Pro.

Businessman working with laptop

A Quick Look at Astra Free

Astra - WordPress Download Page

Astra has a free version that you can download to build your WordPress and WooCommerce website. The good news is it is free forever.

The Free version provides you with the customizations that you need to launch your website or eCommerce business.

Astra also provides Starter Templates, which offers a free library of readymade websites and single page templates.

Starter Templates - Free Option

Astra Free is also compatible with the popular website builders in the market including:

You can quickly get your WordPress website up and running in less than 60 minutes using Astra.

However, we realized that many webmasters and agencies want additional customizations based on their unique needs and brand guidelines.

For those reasons, we also have a premium version – Astra Pro.

In the next few sections, we’ll cover the features that are unique to Astra Pro, and we will also discuss some pricing options.

Astra Pro’s Key Features

In this section, I wanted to highlight some of the main features that Astra Pro has.

astra pro key features

Feature 1: Additional Customization for Site Layouts

Astra Pro users like you, get the benefit of multiple site layouts as compared to other themes in the market.

There are four site layout options you can choose from:

  • Full-width layout
  • Max width layout
  • Padded layout
  • Fluid layout

The benefit is that you can personalize the design based on your unique niche, industry, or needs.

No two websites built using Astra Pro need to look the same.

astra pro features

Feature 2: Additional Customization for Blog Layouts

The blog on your website makes up for an essential piece of real estate. It helps you attract new users, build loyalty, and convert them into customers.

The design and layout of your blog have an impact on how your users interact with your site.

With Astra Pro — you’re no longer stuck with one-type of blog design.

You have the option to choose from 3 different variations on how to display your blog posts:

  • List layout
  • Grid Layout
  • Masonry

Also, you can further customize the way a single post looks using Astra Pro.

astra pro blog features listed

Feature 3: Enhanced Typography

Perhaps have a brand guideline that you want to use on your WordPress website. By default, the number of fonts is limited in WordPress.

However, using Astra Pro you can add and choose from up to 800+ Google fonts. Empowering you to help make your website stand out, and stay in line with your brand guidelines.

Feature 4: Additional Colors and Background customization

Speaking of brand guidelines the colors you choose to have a considerable impact on your overall branding.

Astra Pro gives you the flexibility to make color changes to various aspects of your website including:

  • Global color changes
  • Header
  • Blog
  • Sidebar

Giving you complete control to manage every section of your website.

colors and background astra theme details

Feature 5: Multiple Header Designs

Most themes only allow you flexibility on updating the Main Header.

If you want to make any additional changes or introduce other headers, it requires some heavy-lifting (or coding) on your side. Which can prove time-consuming, and if you aren’t a developer can also prove to be rather expensive.

With Astra Pro — you have the option to add additional headers either above or below the main header.

Also, you have the option to customize the header for each page, instead of using the universal header.

There’s also the option to use a sticky header.

Feature 6: Flexible Footers

Astra Pro allows you to customize your footer (7 different variations to choose from).

  • One column
  • Two-column
  • Five columns
  • Variable layouts

In addition, Astra Pro also gives you the option to customize the width, padding, color, background, and the typography for your website’s footer.

Feature 7: Extensive WooCommerce integration

As WooCommerce gets more and more popular for eCommerce websites we wanted to make sure that our customers have more customization options.

Astra Free already has WooCommerce integration. It’s as simple as downloading the plugin, and you are ready to go.

Yet with Astra Pro — the functionality has been expanded for WooCommerce including more powerful styling and customization options.

Using Astra Pro, you can customize:

  • Product Listings/Catalog on WooCommerce
  • Enhanced customization for individual products
  • Check out page optimization
  • Optimize the colors and backgrounds

Feature 8: LifterLMS Integration

A popular WordPress Plugin – LifterLMS allows you to create and sell engaging courses and training based membership websites.

Using Astra Pro along with Lifter LMS – unlocks additional capabilities and customizations:

  • Customize the overall appearance of the course catalog.
  • Customize the appearance of the membership catalog.
  • Customize the checkout/purchase page.
  • Customize the view of the individual courses for purchased students.
  • Customize the look of the individual courses for non-students (page visitors).

Feature 9: LearnDash Integration

Another popular WordPress LMS plugin – LearnDash is the most trusted for creating and selling online courses.

The combination of Astra Pro and LearnDash allows you to provide an enhanced user experienced for your students:

  • Enable distraction-free learning,
  • Customize the table of contents – border, colors, typography,
  • Enable student Gravatars.
Astra theme integrations

Feature 10: White Labeling

Perhaps you want to use Astra for most/all of your WordPress clients.

Astra Pro helps you unlock the ability to white label the theme. Which gives you the option to remove the Astra branding and use your branding.

You can change almost every field and make it look like your personalized theme or website.

The Impact of Astra Pro on Page Speed

In the last section, I covered some of the customization and integration featured.

Here, I want to address page speed quickly.

As you are probably aware, Google has started to prioritize page speed as a ranking signal both for search and ads.

Slow page speed means higher bounce rates, poor user experience, and lower conversion rates. It negatively affects your SEO and Google Ads quality score.

Also, page speed is a crucial factor for eCommerce sales. For example, a 1-second delay means a 7% reduction in conversions.

For a site earning $10,000/month, a 1-second improvement means an additional $700 in monthly revenue. On the other hand, a 1-second delay means a $700 decrease in revenue.

Both Astra Free and Astra Pro have been built for speed.

Being the fastest WordPress theme in the market — websites using Astra load in less than 0.5 seconds.

astra theme focused features

Astra sites require half the resources (50KB) compared to the standard (100KB) needed by other WordPress themes. This reason makes it the most lightweight theme on the market.

Astra uses Vanilla JavaScript that prevents render blocking jQuery.

Also, we use the default WordPress data, and we follow the best coding standards to ensure all the code is optimized. It helps to deliver better performance across all metrics.

Finally, we are constantly innovating and upgrading our themes.

In less than three months, we launched both Astra 2.0 and Astra 2.1 – in our quest to further reduce speed for both website users and Astra users.

astra theme performance features

Astra Pro Features for WooCommerce Websites

astra theme woocommerce features

I’ve briefly covered Astra Pro’s integration with WooCommerce in some of the above sections.

Here are some additional details about Astra Pro’s integration with WooCommerce:

Once you’ve installed the Astra Pro Plugin on your WooCommerce site you unlock a wrath of exclusive customization options.

You can customize how all the products are structured and displayed on your WooCommerce site:

  • Display options for page title, breadcrumb,toolbar,etc.
  • Update product category, title, price, short description, etc.
  • Additional Styling options
  • Hover options for product images
  • Add and Customize off-canvas sidebar
  • Add mini cart in the site’s header
  • Other Typography options for the product catalog
  • Other typography options for the individual product page.
  • Additional color options (change the base color, product catalog cog or individual product color)
  • Other Layout options.

In short, Astra Pro allows you to customize your WooCommerce store fully.

It will help you provide your users with an optimal experience, and you will be able to unlock more conversions and sales.

Astra Pro Addons
more astra theme features

Astra Pro Support

Here, I want to briefly touch on the support you can expect from purchasing Astra Pro.

All Astra Free users get access to one-to-one support via our ticketing system.

You also get access to our comprehensive and updated knowledge base.

Astra - Documents

With Astra Pro, you get the ability to contact our support team that works around the clock.

You also have the option and ability to get on-call guidance for tickets that require escalation.

All Astra Pro users also can access our free Facebook Group. It provides you with the opportunity to interact with, learn from a vibrant community of 10,000+ Astra users from around the globe.

Astra WordPress Theme Community.

Astra Pro Pricing Explained

Astra Free allows you to start building WordPress and WooCommerce websites. They are free forever.

Not a lot of lightweight themes in the market provide a free version. Many of them start with a paid or premium version only.

We want to make sure everyone gets a chance to install and use Astra Free forever.

Astra Pro includes an abundance of additional options (features, integrations, and support), as we have covered in the last few sections.

You can choose from 3 different packages:

  • Astra Pro
  • Mini Agency Bundle
  • Agency Bundle

To get more information on what’s included in each of the packages — head over to our public pricing page.

Astra Pro Pricing

You’ll get all the WordPress and WooCommerce features we’ve mentioned above regardless of the package you choose.

The pricing for Astra Pro starts at $59 annually. There is also an option to purchase a lifetime license — starting at $249.

Download Astra Pro For Free Safely

Some of our customers take the route of starting with Astra Free. Once they see the benefits of the speed and performance they want to upgrade to Astra Pro.

Many are interested in starting with Astra Pro right away.

For those who are considering downloading the nulled or pirated version here’s something that might make you re-consider.

When you purchase Astra Pro directly from our website — you’ll get a risk-free, 14-day money-back guarantee.

Astra - 100% money back guarantee

Since you are getting it directly from the developer (us) there’s no risk of malware, spyware, or viruses.

We’ve built up a solid reputation in the WordPress community, and we want to ensure that we keep it.

With over 1,000,000+ downloads and over 4703+ 5-star reviews — you can rest assured that your investment won’t go to waste

To read more about other customers like you who have trusted us, head over to our testimonial page.

Astra Pro -  Testimonials

Get Started with Astra Pro for FREE

We’ve discussed the perils and risks of downloading pirated or nulled versions of Astra Pro.

I shed some light on the enhanced WordPress and WooComemrce customizations features that you get in Astra Pro.

Finally, I also discussed how you could get started with Astra Pro with no-risk on your end.

In short, the benefits outweigh your risks of purchasing & getting started with Astra or Astra Pro.

So, I invite you to go ahead and take Astra Pro for a spin and see for yourself.

Join 1000s of other WordPress website owners and agencies using Astra Pro to build fast, light-weight, and high performing websites.

All Astra Pro Features

Join 304,719 Subscribers

Get exclusive access to new tips, articles, guides, updates, and more.


  1. No way. I love your theme, but Astra is open source and gpl gnu themes. How the user can pirate Astra? How the user can pirate GNU GPL product. This is free open source license.

    1. Hello there,

      We are referring to the Pro version of the theme which is Astra Pro plugin. 🙂

      And we have seen some users with pirated versions of Astra Pro which is not recommended at all as mentioned in this article.

      I hope that clarifies.

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