75 Best WordPress Themes for Free [2021]

A Complete List of the 75 Best Free WordPress Themes of 2021

If you’re looking for top performing free WordPress themes, we got you covered. We have compiled an extensive list of 75 of the best free WordPress themes around. Each has been tried, tested and not found wanting!

This is a wide and varied selection that includes free WordPress themes with premium options and formerly premium themes that are now free. They cover all kinds of niches, including landing page themes, multipurpose themes, flexible themes, blog themes and the whole range of WordPress theme types.

If you’re looking for inspiration for your next web theme, you’re in the right place!

Table Of Contents

Premium vs. Free WordPress Themes

It’s hard to argue with free right? Especially when the term ‘free’ actually means free. It doesn’t mean free in return for paying for something else or for surrendering your life story to be marketed at. While some of these themes do require an email address, that’s usually all.

So what do you need to be aware of when using a free theme?

May be an older design – Some free WordPress themes used to be premium themes before they were replaced by a newer model. This isn’t a bad thing. It just means you may not get the latest in material or flat design. There is nothing stopping you adding it yourself though.

Little or no support – Free themes are usually provided ‘as-is’. Some developers will offer assistance and some will have forums where users help each other. You won’t get the same level of support with a free theme as you do with premium though.

Slower updates – Developers have to pay the bills too so will rightly prioritize their premium themes first. That means free themes may not receive such regular updates or any updates at all.

If you know your way around WordPress and know a little about CSS and how the web works, there is nothing stopping you using one of these top free WordPress themes for your next project.

In a Hurry?

If you don’t have time to browse all 75 of our WordPress free themes, these are what we consider the five best free WordPress themes in the list:

Astra – We may be biased, but we think Astra offers the best value whether you’re using our free templates or the premium ones. Each of our free demo templates echoes the same quality of design, flexibility and global appeal as our premium themes. For those reasons we think we offer the best free WordPress themes in this list.

Foodica Lite – Foodica Lite and its premium sibling are popular choices here at Astra. We like the modernity and the contemporary feel that mimics some of the most popular food and lifestyle blogs on the internet. All that for free in the Lite version? Can’t be bad!

Ascend – We really like the character and feel of this theme. It looks premium, has most of the features you’ll need to build an online store and delivers all the optional features you could need.

True News – True News is a standout magazine theme that looks like it costs a lot of money. It has a clean design with strong characteristics and great organization means you can communicate a lot of information while not losing the audience. Well worth its place in our list of the best free WordPress themes.

ePortfolio – ePortfolio deserves a mention because it’s not afraid to be different. It uses a different layout, unique design with separate scrolling columns and a superb eye for design throughout. It would make an amazing portfolio website that could work wonders with the right imagery.

Best Free WordPress Themes

Here are what we think are the best free WordPress themes around right now.

1. Astra

Astra free starter template

Astra is a free WordPress theme that delivers professional-quality designs for no money down. This is a free theme with premium options. Templates cover every industry and design type and are highly rated for their quality, page loading speed and flexibility.

Astra also has a wide range of premium templates but does not lower the quality of their free themes to sell them. The themes Astra offers for free are genuinely usable and offer an exceptional opportunity to utilize modern design, drag and drop page builders, the latest WordPress compatibility, plugin compatibility and even integrate WooCommerce into your website.

Astra themes are compatible with Elementor, Beaver Builder, Brizy and Gutenberg. They are designed to load quickly and be compatible with as many third party WordPress plugins as possible. Considering the features the free version includes, it’s hard to find a better option!

See the many free WordPress templates here. Anything not labelled ‘Agency’ is free.

2. iTheme2

iTheme2 Demo template

iTheme2 looks and feels like Mac OS. It’s a blog theme with a dark constellation background reminiscent of older Mac wallpaper and colouring to match some Mac menus. It’s a workable theme and offers the same contrast between dark and light that is popular today.

The theme comes with two skins, a range of layout options, support for child themes, slider and forms. The theme is also fully responsive so can deliver the same standard of performance we expect.

3. Neve

Public Notary Template Demo neve free theme

Neve is a WordPress theme family with free and premium templates. The collection is wide, with a range of page types covering most uses and industries. Neve is designed to be lightweight, load quickly and be easy to set up. We think it delivers on all those things.

The free themes are pretty good but would need more effort to make them really stand out. That said, Neve is compatible with Gutenberg, Elementor, Brizy, Visual Composer, Beaver Builder and other page builders too so it wouldn’t be difficult to make something original.

This page has the full list of free WordPress themes for Neve.

4. Grind

Grind demo site

Grind is a free Genesis template for WordPress. It’s a business theme that could be utilized for almost any use and is flexible enough to cope with a multitude of customizations. The core theme is responsive and loads quickly. It doesn’t look like a free WordPress theme either, which is to its credit.

Grind uses a dark slider with customizable contrast colours and a strong header to grab your attention. Further down the page, it turns into a standard template with light background, dark font and the page elements you expect to see on a business website.

5. North Shore

North Shore wordpress demo site

North Shore is a very light, calm theme that uses a serene header image to set you at ease. Scroll down the page and a cool foreground parallax effect slides up to provide the usual page elements with colourful images, service boxes, forms and navigation.

This is a very chilled theme that could work for a number of niches. It includes a store and is fully responsive, both of which are useful. North Shore is a child theme so has a dependency on another free theme, CityLogic. You will need to download and install both to get this working.

6. Foodica Lite

WPZOOM Foodica Demos

Foodica Lite is a free version of one of our favourite food blog themes, Foodica. Foodica Lite looks and feels largely the same as its premium sibling with a nice white appearance, a mix of modern and handwritten fonts and colours mainly provided by images.

The layout is a standard blog structure with a post slider, widgets, sidebar and contact form. If you know how to add features using plugins, you can easily make the free version look exactly like the premium. Even if you don’t, Foodica Lite is a great template on its own merit.

7. Agama

agama demo site

Agama is a free WordPress theme that uses the Bootstrap framework. It’s an attractive business template with a white background and almost minimalist feel. A nice header image in the demo gives you an idea of what to expect while modern fonts and subtle green contrast colour sets the scene nicely.

The theme is compatible with current versions of WordPress and its plugins, WooCommerce and Elementor, Brizy, Beaver Builder and other page builders. Agama is free but opens the door to the Agama Pro Plugin which is purely optional.

8. Go

Go is a GoDaddy theme that is listed on WordPress.org and GitHub. It’s a very straightforward theme with minimal navigation, a large text banner at the top and a standard layout below. You have to use your imagination here as the demo doesn’t really showcase what is possible.

Go is compatible with Gutenberg and is fully responsive. Despite being an older theme, it is regularly updated. You will need some basic WordPress skills to get the best out of this template but it is a very viable option if you have them.

9. Storefront

storefront demo site

Storefront is a free WordPress theme from WooCommerce designed to enable you to launch an online store in the shortest time. It’s a simple but flexible theme with a demo to show you exactly what is possible.

You have the option to use a header slider or not, to use white backgrounds or images, the full range of font types, forms, popups and everything you could need to create a fully functioning eCommerce store. The theme works quickly, loads fast and delivers on every count. If you’re building a store, this could be all the theme you need if Astra’s dedicated WooCommerce theme doesn’t suit.

10. Colibri WP

Colibri wp theme demo site

Colibri WP is a unique take on free WordPress templates. It uses the WordPress Customizer to help you build out your pages and offers a fully interactive demo hosted online.

Designs are attractive and support images, video, audio, sliders, effects, animations and come with a number of free demo templates to use. The range of those demos is wide and of a high quality. Most would be worthy of publishing for all but the most established business or hobby website.

11. Primer

primer godaddy free theme

Primer is another free WordPress theme from GoDaddy hosted on WordPres.org and GitHub. This is a more colourful design with a shaded image header with strong headline and contrast colour and a standard blog layout below. Other layout options are possible if you know what you’re doing.

As with many free WordPress themes, you have to use your imagination a little when checking out the demo. However, just a quick glance shows the great choice of colours, grey background and white content blocks. While you could change these to anything you like, we think this combination works fine as it is.

12. Karuna

karuna free theme demo

Karuna is a free WordPress template that delivers a premium experience without costing a thing. It hasn’t been updated in a while but the core theme works fine with current versions of WordPress. We have it in our list of best free WordPress themes because it looks great and would make a superb one page site.

The design is very simple. It uses a coloured top bar for social and a modest navigation bar that gives way to a large header image. A contrasting colour bar adds a call to action and a range of content blocks help you build out the rest of the page. It’s a simple but very effective design, which is why we feature it here.

13. Mesmerize

Mesmerize theme image

Mesmerize is a free WordPress theme with a premium version. The free template comes with a selection of demos covering different niches. The pro version covers even more.

The demo we like best is Travel Agency. It’s a very colourful design that paints the picture of a lifestyle with ease. It includes holiday listings, calls to action, animations, graphics, a blog, forms and everything you need to build a holiday website. Simply change the imagery and navigation to showcase any product or service.

14. Overlay

overlay wordpress demo site

Overlay is a super simple eCommerce theme for WordPress with a free and a premium version. It’s also a very effective eCommerce theme. It’s a clean, minimal design that allows products to shine while containing enough to keep you oriented and stop you getting lost. This could be ideal for a new online store using WooCommerce.

The design uses a lot of white space and very simple navigation. It comes complete with search, category listings and everything you need to build a store. All you need to do is install it alongside WooCommerce and add your products. How easy is that?

15. Vlogr

Vlogr demo site

Vlogr is a smart free WordPress theme for video. It has a basic design that allows the video content to take centre stage and seems content to sit in the background looking good while you look at the videos.

The design uses an image header and alternating white and grey rows with video content in each. A strong coral contrast colour keeps the buttons in sight while a mixture of fonts maintains interest. The theme can be customized to fit almost any layout or design if the demo doesn’t work for you.

16. Ascend

ASCEND free wordpress theme demo

Ascend is one of the best free WordPress themes for stores. There is a more full-featured premium version but this free offering works admirably. It’s a very stylish design with a strong header image, great font choices and a well put-together store. It includes a featured product slider, standard store layout options, blog, social elements, product showcase, portfolio and search.

You will need to integrate this with WooCommerce but otherwise Ascend is ready to go. You still have the option to fully customize the layouts, headers, footers, colours and everything about the pages if you like though.

17. Feminine Style

Feminine Style demo template

Feminine Style is an aptly-named free WordPress theme with a corresponding Pro version. The design uses soft colours and attractive modern fonts to give you the initial impression. Complementing colours, easy imagery and good use of white space continues the look.

This is a standard business theme with some subtle but effective shadow effects. It’s a small thing that makes a big difference. If you like the layout but not the colours, you can change everything about it with the WordPress Live Customizer.

18. Minimal Magazine

Minimal Magazine free demo site

Minimal Magazine is another well-named template. This is a simplified magazine layout with single header and central content column. It uses animations and bold colours to make the impact with strong imagery to keep your interest. Alongside some great font choices, this is a very effective theme.

The theme is compatible with Elementor and has a premium version that offers many more demo templates, more layout options, more colours and fonts and a lot more besides. That said, the free version is still very strong, hence its place in our list.

19. Business Owner

Owner Demo site

Business Owner is a very clean, modern template for WordPress. There is a free and a premium version offering different levels of features but the core design remains largely the same.

The design uses flat design with a colourful header image on a white background. Stark white fonts make up the headline and a complementary blue colour adds interest. Simple navigation, multiple content elements and a contemporary aesthetic prevails throughout the page. Other demos use different colours but all

20. Nothing Personal

Nothing Personal free wordpress theme template

Nothing Personal is reminiscent of Foodica Lite in that it’s a simple, minimal blog template that uses monochrome design and relies on imagery to add colour. It is equally well designed with genuine appeal and is all the better for it.

Nothing Personal is fully featured, with the full range of colours, layouts, sliders, optimizations and compatibility. It is almost as compelling as a premium theme. The demo is just one way to go about building your page but certainly shows you what is possible.

21. Just Read

Justread demo template

Just Read is a minimal blog theme with a grid layout designed to make your content stand out. It’s a very simple design with very little to distract you from the content blocks but it doesn’t look barren or unfinished. It’s a balanced design that seems to get it just right.

Just Read loads quickly and was designed for speed. It uses system fonts and SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) which load quickly and require no extra queries. The blog pages also load fast and include an equally minimal but still attractive centre block for the post. It’s a superb blog template and being free is just a bonus!

22. Biscuit Lite

biscuit lite wordpress theme demo template

Biscuit Lite has a similar look and feel to Foodica Lite. It’s a minimal theme with handwritten text logo and san serif body fonts, lots of white space, very little colour and a smooth feel down the page. This differs in that it’s a single column layout but presumably could be configured to include more.

Biscuit Lite is a free WordPress theme designed to promote the premium version. It’s responsive, easy to set up and lets your content stand out on its own. A composed design with a lot to recommend it.

23. Riba Lite

Riba Lite wordpress demo site

Riba Lite goes in the other direction. It uses an atmospheric image background with boxed white content area, dark navigation with light font and a mixture of light and grey backgrounds down the page. There is also an animated post area with minimal white borders that change the look completely.

This free WordPress template promotes a premium version that has a very similar design but more features. Both themes are well put-together and deliver a smooth, composed experience when on the page.

24. Screenr

Screenr demo site

Screenr is a business theme with dark tones and a nice parallax background made up of a couple of images. It’s a colourful design that makes a bold statement with stark contrasts, bright colours, lots of black and white and a calm oasis of grey in the middle around the content.

The Screenr demo is a single page theme that could work well for small businesses. It is fully responsive, flexible, has a built-in customizer and works with most WordPress plugins. This is a fully featured website just waiting to go and is what WordPress free themes are all about as far as we’re concerned.

25. True News

True News wordpress free theme demo

True News is a bright, bold magazine theme reminiscent of many premium versions we see across the internet. The bold red navigation bar sets the stall out early while the scrolling news ticker adds engagement. A series of colourful content sections keep things organized and minimal frippery means that content stands out.

This is a high quality theme that epitomizes what we look for in free WordPress themes. It offers the same benefits as a premium theme but doesn’t cost a thing. We know of paid magazine themes that don’t offer the same quality of design and features as True News!

26. Fruitful

Fruitful theme wordpress theme

Fruitful is another clean and crisp blog design that does exactly what you need it to. It is reminiscent of the HTML pages of old with simple design, nothing to distract you from the content, simple service blocks, optional slider header and straightforward header and footer navigation.

A well-chosen orange contrast colour makes a real difference and while you could change it to something else if you like, you will have to be mindful to maintain the effect. Other pages within the demo echo the simplicity and elegance of the design while offering the layouts and features you hope to find.

27. Indiana

indiana free theme for wordpress

Indiana is a modern multipurpose theme that could be used for almost anything. It’s a standard configuration with boxed layout, header slider, content blocks underneath, minimal navigation and a mixture of dark and light all down the page. A bright pink contrast colour adds a little power to the buttons.

Indiana has been around a while but is still worthy of its place in this list of the best free WordPress themes. It is responsive, designed to load quickly, compatible with WooCommerce and supports RTL (language translation).

28. Hello

Hello theme site image

Hello is a free WordPress template from the people behind Elementor, the page builder. It’s a barebones theme designed to provide a framework from which you can build almost any page you like using the page builder.

Hello is a minimal theme designed to be the foundation of a website, not the finished article. It is fully compatible with Elementor as you might expect and with WooCommerce and other WordPress plugins. It’s a very simple template that could be ideal for anyone who wants to experiment with or learn Elementor.

29. Sydney

Sydney Gutenberg theme

Sydney is a free version of Sydney Pro, a highly rated business theme from aThemes. This is a good looking template with full size header image, restrained design with a nice blue and red combination and a mixture of dark and light colours down the page.

This is a standard layout with main header, navigation and service elements underneath. Sydney also incorporates modern fonts, some animations, graphics and the usual elements you would want to see on a business site including portfolio and blog. Take one look at Sydney and you wonder how this could be a free WordPress theme.

30. Shapely

Shapely Demo

Shapely is another template that uses a full size image as the header. This time it’s a calm image of the ocean but could be changed to literally anything you like. The rest of the theme is just as attractive and well worth its place in our list of best free WordPress themes.

We see alternating full width rows with white and grey backgrounds, parallax sections with calls to action and a very smart portfolio section down the page. Along with high quality images and that purple colour for buttons, this is a very competent design that could be used anywhere.

31. Ocean WP

OceanWP theme site image

Ocean WP is a free theme for WordPress promoting a premium version. You’re not sold short with the freebie though as this is a fully functional template. The free themes are business oriented and use a header image, service blocks and a series of content elements to tell your story.

Pages are well balanced and use simple but effective design cues. Along with clever imagery, nice layouts, parallax effects and complementing colours, these themes deliver a professional-looking website which cost nothing but a few hours of your time. It’s hard to argue with value like that!

32. Hemingway

hemingway free theme

Hemingway is a typical blog theme done well. A colourful header image sets the scene with a strong black header block in the centre. Down the page, stark contrasts, lots of white space and that calm green colour all combine to deliver an authoritative feel many blog themes struggle to deliver.

Hemingway is a simple, effective design with single column layout for blog posts with a modest sidebar. If this is how you want to display your work, this template is fast enough and well-designed enough to deliver the experience your readers will appreciate without taking anything away from your work.

33. Fascinate

Fascinate Blog theme demo

The Fascinate demo is built as a fashion blog but is another template that could be transformed into anything by just changing the images. Those images are going to need to be of a high quality though, as this entire design hangs upon them.

We rate this theme among the best WordPress themes for flexibility. The image slider has great proportions, the navigation is perfectly positioned, fonts and white space perfectly balanced. You get the idea. This is a blog layout with a premium version but honestly, this freebie could be everything you need.

34. Baskerville

Baskerville wordpress theme demo

Baskerville is a composed masonry theme for blogs. It uses dark and light well with a dark image up top, light grey background and white content blocks with start black fonts. The colour balance is nicely done and the modest dark blue colour compliments it well.

Baskerville is simple but effective and that’s why it’s here. The page balance works very well, even the spacing between the blocks is great. The mix of modern and handwritten fonts is also worthy of note. There are no bells and whistles here but we think the theme is better for it.

35. Ashe

Ashe Free WordPress Blog Theme

Ashe is a much more lively design. The demo sets the scene perfectly with that wintry header image but the rest of the page steps up too. It uses a boxed layout to deliver a blog with a mixture of single column and featured post elements alongside a simple sidebar.

Ashes is another of our free WordPress themes that genuinely looks and feels as though it should be premium. The colours, white space, layout, features and smooth operation all give the impression of something much more than a giveaway. That definitely works to your benefit!

36. Hiero

Hiero free wordpress theme

Hiero is built upon the effectiveness of contrast. The contrast between the black header and white background. The contrast between the black and red contrast colour and the contrast between the white background and red elements. It’s an attractive design that works well.

Hiero uses a single column layout with a mix of magazine and blog in the design. A characterful sidebar adds interest to the page while the blog layout lets your story unfold. It’s a very effective way to deliver a page, one that looks more like a premium theme than a free one.

37. Tempo

Tempo free wordpress theme

Tempo is a minimal design with a simple elegance to it. The demo website doesn’t give much away but you can clearly see a greyscale theme with modest header image with grey filter, black and white fonts and a minimal layout down the page.

Tempo is a free WordPress theme designed to promote a premium version. Yet if your needs are simple and you want a design to make your content stand proud and know how to build minimal pages while maintaining engagement, this is definitely a theme to try.

38. iFeature

iFeature Demo

iFeature is a free WordPress theme with a plain design that delivers the foundations from which to build something great. It works with the Gutenberg editor so is very simple to customize, making this a viable theme if you don’t mind a little work.

iFeature offers a lot of flexibility in how it is laid out. While the demo uses a single column, the theme can be built with more columns and laid out however you like. This theme is in our list of best free WordPress themes mainly for its potential and the fact it is compatible with Elementor, Brizy, Beaver Builder, Visual Composer, SiteOrigin, Divi and other page builders.

39. City Logic

city logic wordpress theme

City Logic is a very competent free WordPress theme with a modern appeal. From the huge cityscape header to the well chosen fonts, the sticky header to the alternating white and grey backgrounds, this whole theme shouts quality.

It’s a flexible theme that could be a blog, hobby site or business website. It includes a range of page elements, a store, blog, portfolio and attractive contact form. While not as detailed as some premium themes, considering this is a freebie, it offers a lot.

40. Hestia

Hestia PRO WordPress Theme Demo

Hestia is a top performing WordPress free theme with a lot to recommend it. We have used and recommended Hestia before and for very good reason. The design is simple but effective, the balance of content, colour, white space, images and layout makes it well worth trying.

Hestia is also SEO-friendly, works with the WordPress Customizer, supports WooCommerce, is compatible with leading page builders and it is also translation-ready. It’s a very competent theme that could be so many things to so many people. It is definitely worthy of its place in this list of the best free WordPress themes.

41. Simple

themify Simple wordpress theme demo

Simple actually looks anything but. It’s a full page theme with no white space at all until you get to the footer. Instead, it uses full page images throughout the demo to showcase products and services and highlight just what this template can do.

You’re going to need serious image handling skills to make the most free WordPress themes like this, but if you do, you’re onto a winner. While the demo is built around a store, you could conceivably build any type of website you like with it.

42. Splash

Splash wordpress theme

Splash is a free WordPress landing page template with a clean design and instant appeal. The demo showcases a mixture of ideas with a corporate-style header that switches to a single column blog layout further down the page. This could offer a lot of flexibility in terms of how to build out your pages.

The overall design is clean and modern. Dark fonts with a grey shaded image header and orange contrast colour are very now. The page uses white space well, includes sticky navigation, a nice timeline layout to the blog header and a smooth flow down the page. It’s a very competent theme.

43. Reactiv

reactiv demo template

Reactiv is one of the few free WordPress themes here that works with the Genesis Framework. This is a contemporary blog theme with dark header, image slider and four column layout with the option of changing it up to deliver whatever experience you’re looking for.

The theme itself is largely subdued with dark grey fonts, grey backgrounds and what looks like sepia-toned images. While this is just a demo, it creates a nice atmosphere that could work for some types of website. You can completely change it up if you prefer though.

44. Meeta

Meeta WPZOOM Theme Demo

Meeta is a smooth template with instant appeal. The demo is built out as a travel blog but could be turned into anything. This is a very flexible theme with support for custom headers and widgets and unique templates, so could be so much more than the demo shows.

The simple grey background and blue and white colour scheme works well here but could be customized as you like. The tag bar under the header image is a very effective feature while the subtle sidebar could work well for blogs. This is a very malleable theme that could be truly unique in the right hands.

45. Sabino

Kaira sabino wordpress theme demo

Sabino is a free WordPress template that makes a simple switch of the sidebar position seem much more powerful than it is. Alongside a nice background image and parallax effect, the design creates a very professional feeling that could be utilized for almost any niche.

Simply change that background image and the colours and you can transform the appeal of this theme. It could genuinely be that simple. The framework works well, provides a smooth, responsive experience and having the sidebar on the left instead of the right is a small thing that makes a huge difference.

46. Pinnacle

Pinnacle free theme

Pinnacle looks and feels completely different to Sabino. This design is lighter, freer and could work for any type of blog. It’s another of those free WordPress themes that uses the header image to set the scene while backing it up with solid colour and font choices. Change those, change the entire character of the design.

Pinnacle provides several layout options, different headers, support for WooCommerce, portfolios and features you usually only get with premium templates. The entire design is responsive and works smoothly, offering a professional-standard website for no outlay.

47. Restaurant Recipe

Restaurant Recipe theme demo template

Restaurant Recipe is another of those free WordPress themes that looks premium. This is a food website with a full screen header image slider, mixture of dark and light colours, a pop of colour from the orange and the images and a smooth flow down the demo page.

The theme also includes elements you want from a restaurant website including a menu section, info boxes, a food gallery and a booking option. The premium version adds more features but this free theme delivers just about everything you’re likely to need.

48. Shopay

Shopay demo

Shopay is a free WordPress store theme that offers an inviting design that immediately grabs your attention. The design itself is modest, with lots of white space, an engaging orange colour and good use of white space. Strong imagery showcasing products also makes an impact.

Shopay is a free design with a premium version. This freebie still offers most of the features you’ll need including compatibility with page builders and WooCommerce, responsive design and the opportunity to build your store in whatever manner you please. We think this has to be one of the best free WordPress themes for eCommerce!

49. Atlast Agency

Atlast Agency free wordpress theme

Atlast Agency is a design built for freelancers, upstarts or new businesses. It uses a crisp contemporary design with lots of white space, modern sans serif fonts and very little structure to provide a smooth, serene experience.

It’s an easy website to look at but relies heavily on top quality imagery to deliver its impact. That is backed up with a solid framework though and the option to change the content blocks, colours and appearance as required. Overall we think this is a thoroughly modern theme that we wouldn’t be shy of actually paying for.

50. Fashionable

Fashionable Store wordpress theme

Fashionable is a simple but very effective free eCommerce theme for WordPress. It uses magazine influences with its layout, with a sidebar menu to accompany the top navigation. A strong orange highlight colour grabs your attention while the product slider and images keep it.

This is a very flexible theme fully compatible with WooCommerce, Mega Menu and other WordPress plugins. It is also responsive and offers search, a shopping cart, Ajax elements and everything a new online store would need to get up and running.

51. eStar

eStar demo site

eStar is a lightweight minimal theme designed for businesses. It uses a standard layout with header image and headlines and content blocks underneath to tell the story. It exhibits great design with that calm blue colour in the demo and a composed layout with a selection of content blocks.

eStar plays nicely with drag and drop page builders like Elementor and Brizy, has been designed to load quickly and is fully responsive. It is also translation ready and relatively light on resources so should perform well in Google PageSpeed or GTMetrix.

52. Foody Lite

Foody Lite template

Foody Lite continues the trend in free WordPress themes for minimal design and a mix of fonts to create a very modern aesthetic. Like Foodica Lite, this demo keeps things effortless with minimal page elements, modest sidebar and a single column layout where the images sing. The simple grey navigation and footer make a statement too.

This design is light, easy to use, includes WooCommerce compatibility and works with the WordPress Live Customizer. It’s a breezy theme that is proving very popular with lifestyle and food blogs right now and could be all the theme you need if you want to share your own passions with the world.

53. Medzone Lite

MedZone Lite free theme for wordpress

Medzone Lite is pitched as a medical theme and the demo bears that out. Yet it’s another of our free WordPress themes whose character could be transformed simply by changing the images and icons.

The overall look and feel of Medzone Lite is slightly corporate but could easily be tweaked to suit any niche. It’s a composed design with great balance, good use of white space and the very popular red, white and blue colour scheme. Plus, the design is competent enough that you would never know this was a free theme, which is all part of its appeal.

54. Onepress

OnePress theme demo

Onepress is a one page theme designed with business in mind. It’s a very good free WordPress template with calm design, great use of white space and fonts, a smooth header image and a wide range of page elements you can use however you like.

Onepress works because of its ease of use. The blue colour is very welcoming and combines with dark font and imagery to create a relaxed atmosphere while on the page. Along with flexible content blocks, parallax effects, forms, galleries and animations, it creates a professional-looking website for almost any use.

55. Store Lite

Store Lite free theme

Store Lite is a classy free WordPress theme for eCommerce. It has a lot going on but manages to retain an effortless feel as you navigate the page. It uses calm colours, a grey background and strong header image to build character and then transitions to a traditional store layout further down.

Store Lite is a great store theme. It mixes magazine elements up top in the demo to great effect while switching to standard category layouts further down. While you could customize the demo to your needs, very little actually needs to be done here to make it a fully operational online store. That’s why it’s in our list of best free WordPress themes!

56. Cafeteria Lite

Cafeteria free theme

Cafeteria Lite has a vibrant demo that lends itself well to food. It’s a design full of stark contrasts. Dark and light, bold orange, strong images and then lots of empty space. It’s a very effective aesthetic that could work perfectly well with minimal customization.

This is a top quality free WordPress theme with a nice layout and composed feel. It includes a wide range of content blocks, support for custom widgets and fonts, support for page builders, responsive design and fast loading pages. This is definitely worth checking out if you’re looking for a food theme.

57. aReview

Areview theme image

aReview uses a dark blog template to provide a review platform for you to build upon. It’s a very modern, flat design with pops of colour from buttons and images. The dark background and white boxed layout works well and makes the rest of the design really stand out. It’s a very competent design.

The review element is supported by a star system and pros and cons boxes. It’s simple but very effective and could be utilized fully in the right hands. The layout is well balanced with a nice feel on every page.

58. Illdy

Illdy Theme Demo

Illdy is a free WordPress theme we promote a lot here at Astra. It’s a contemporary flat theme with a definite Scandi influence. The use of colour, white space, fonts, alternating dark and light backgrounds and imagery make this one of the most attractive free WordPress templates here.

Illdy is responsive, compatible with the WordPress Customizer and WooCommerce and could be built as a single page or multipage website. It uses colour well and provides the range of content blocks you’ll need to build this site to match your own tastes.

59. Bard

Bard has a very easy going aesthetic, created in part by that header image and soft colour palette. This is a typical blog layout with good quality imagery, lots of white space, a modest sidebar and excellent font choices throughout.

This is another of our free WordPress themes that could be used with minimal customization. Should you want to make changes, the theme is compatible with the WordPress Customizer to make short work of them. The theme also supports WooCommerce, RTL translations and other features too.

60. Basic

Basic themify theme demo

Basic is a free-flowing blog theme designed to stay out of the way while your audience reads the page. There is minimal design here, hence the name. Minimal navigation, minimal sidebar and dividers and minimal anything that would take your attention away from the content.

Basic has anything but basic features though. It is fully responsive, includes a Lightbox gallery, social elements, different layout options and five predesigned skins. You can of course adapt the template to your particular needs with a little HTML 5 or CSS knowledge.

61. Academica

Academica demo site

Academica is a free education theme for WordPress. It uses a single column blog layout with sober red, white and blue colour scheme to deliver a coherent design ideal for education or something similar.

The design is very easy going with lots of white space, minimal header and footer, a subtle sidebar to each side. It isn’t designed to showcase the institution but rather as an educational blog. That said, if you have the skills or upgrade to the Pro version, you can change the layout at will.

62. TopShop

topshop wordpress theme demo

TopShop is an eCommerce theme that offers a combination of business layout and online store layout. The demo site opens with a full width image and subtle blue colour. A double navigation header keeps things simple while adding a lot of features.

Further down the page you have content blocks and the store elements. Each uses the same blue colour and lots of empty space to let the content stand out. TopShop supports WooCommerce and is fully responsive. You can also modify the layout to become a pure store or business site with attached store, whichever works best for you.

63. Virtue

Virtue Theme demo template

Virtue is an unambiguous design that could also be used as a business website or online store. The main demo could be either and that offers real scope for experimentation. The design is flat, modern and well balanced and could easily be customized to suit any brand or purpose.

The template uses a bold header image with headline to create the initial impact. It then transitions into standard blocks including a slider, blog posts, graphics and footer. The theme supports other block types too, including WooCommerce, portfolios and others. While the demo is neither one thing nor the other, it shows just how flexible it could be in the right hands.

64. Belini

Bellini Furniture Shop demo

Belini is a colourful eCommerce template with WooCommerce at its heart. There are a couple of demos for the free version of this site and a premium version too. Each demonstrates great design and an eye for layout while providing the flexibility you need to build an online store.

The template comes with a series of layout options built in, support for WordPress plugins and Elementor as well as translation. The premium version adds more customization options but if you know your way around CSS, you could do whatever you like with this theme.

65. Mismo

Mismo Creative Magazine WordPress Theme

Mismo is one of the most impactful free WordPress themes in our list. It’s a full page magazine layout which grabs your attention immediately and doesn’t let go. There are three demos for the free version and easy has a similar layout, just with different colour palettes.

Each design offers a premium feel within a very organized layout. That organization is essential as there is so much going on. The theme includes support for ads, pre-loading, translations, deep customization and is Retina ready. It also works well with the WordPress Customizer for when you want to make it your own.

66. Totomo

totomo wordpress theme demo template

Totomo is the opposite of Mismo in that it is very minimal. This is a blog theme with minimalist intent. There isn’t a lot going on here but that works in its favour, allowing your content to shine.

The design is laid back with subtle green highlight colour, modern fonts and lots and lots of empty space. The demo is set as a single column blog theme but could be tweaked to suit. It is responsive, fast-loading and easy to customize, giving you the framework from which to build your own blog with ease.

67. Regina Lite

Regina lite free theme demo template

The Regina Lite demo is set up as a medical theme but in truth, it could be converted to suit any niche. It’s a light and free-flowing layout with mainly monochrome design and colour provided by images and that calm blue highlight colour.

The main page of the demo doesn’t render properly but it gives you an idea of what is possible with the design. If you’re looking for something clean, minimal and yet maintains your interest on the page, this free WordPress theme could be it.

68. Glow

Glow theme template

Glow is a well-chosen name as this free WordPress template does seem to glow thanks to the orange colour. The demo is set up as a beauty theme but could be changed with ease with the built-in theme customizer.

Glow is a free WordPress theme with a premium sibling. It’s a clean layout with nice flow down the page, a selection of content blocks, crisp sans serif fonts and everything you would expect to see on a business page. The free version is surprisingly feature-rich offering almost as much flexibility as the premium theme.

69. ePortfolio

ePortfolio demo template

ePortfolio is counted among our best free WordPress themes because it dares to be different. That difference may be as straightforward as side navigation instead of top but it makes a huge difference to how we perceive the page.

One other standout feature is the individual scrolling of the two main columns. Scroll the middle and it moves alone. Scroll the right column and it does the same. That, alongside excellent imagery and a real eye for design makes this a compelling template for creatives of all kinds who are showcasing their work.

70. Online Consulting

Online Consulting free wordpress theme

Online Consulting may be a typical business theme but it is no less compelling than ePortfolio, just in different ways. A full screen image slider grabs your attention while the top bar with contact information is a small but very effective touch, especially with the blue highlight colour.

The free WordPress theme contains all the usual page elements and content blocks along with animations, Font Awesome and Google Font support, WooCommerce compatibility, responsive design, social elements and full browser compatibility. The premium version adds more customization options should you need them.

71. TheShop

TheShop wordpress theme

TheShop is a minimalist eCommerce design that is very easy to use. The demo only hints at what is possible with this template by showcasing just the bare minimum. The header is where it’s at here with a product slider and side menu that transitions down the page to a typical product layout.

It’s a mainly monochrome design with modest colour use. Fonts are a mix of old and new and a lot of the heavy lifting is done by the imagery. You could build the page out as you needed though as the content blocks are there for a lot more.

72. Tyche

Tyche Demo

Tyche is also an eCommerce design but one that makes much more of an impact. A dark header image provides a premium feel while the bold red colour adds character and interest. Further down the page, an off-white background allows images to shine through.

This is a different take on eCommerce than the minimalism of TheShop. It’s not a better design, just different. With support for WooCommerce and other WordPress plugins, this is a genuinely usable online store theme for bolder brands or those who like to make a statement.

73. Flash

Flash demo template

Flash may look and feel premium but is definitely a free WordPress theme. It’s a multipurpose theme that could be used for all types of websites, including online stores. The demo website uses a header slider to create the atmosphere along with subtle highlight colours and sans serif fonts. It’s a good look.

As Flash is relatively new, it is compatible with Elementor, Brizy and other page builders. It also supports WooCommerce for store elements and other WordPress plugins too. It’s a very flexible template with all the elements you need to build your pages as you see fit.

74. Allegiant

Allegiant demo site

Allegiant is a very calm, competent design that earns its place in our list of best free WordPress themes with ease. It looks premium but costs nothing, has a great flow and feel and works very well for business or pleasure.

This is a refined design with header slider, composed fonts and a nice green highlight colour. The page unfolds to include common content blocks, services, portfolio, reviews and biographies and more. If you didn’t see a price, you would genuinely think this was a premium template.

75. Writee

WRITEE demo site

Writee is a free blogging template that punches way above its weight. It’s one of many free WordPress themes in this list with a premium sibling but doesn’t leave you feeling short changed because you’re using the free version. For that, we like this theme a lot.

The designs are a mix of full width and boxed layouts with a largely monochrome aesthetic. Modern fonts, black top header and footer and lots of white space give pages a great balance while images and content blocks fill out the pages with ease. This is a flexible template that delivers a professional look for free.

Summary of Free WordPress Themes

As you can see, our list of the best free WordPress themes includes a wide range of designs. Each is a little different and has its own strengths and weaknesses but offer amazing value considering they cost nothing.

Every single one of the 75 free WordPress templates looks and feels different. We think all of them offer sufficient scope to customize and personalize and could be tweaked to suit almost any use!

Do you use any of these free WordPress themes? Have others you want to suggest? Tell us your thoughts below!

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  1. Nice guide was in a hurry and looking for something simple and fast for my new blog. Checked out the top 5 themes and got what I was looking for.
    Thanks 🙂

  2. As a long time WordPress user, I can say that all you need is one theme. Astra with Elementor is the best combo you can use for WordPress.

  3. I have been using Astra theme on all my blogs and customer sites, It’s great theme to be available as free.

  4. You can check WordPress popular theme section for best free themes. But, these list has some amazing names which hard to find for new users.

  5. Phew !! That was exhaustive I can recognize only a few like Hestia and Neve which are the best in free, now I have switched to Astra it’s altogether another story. Anyway good compilation, but I feel there is no competition to the simplicity Astra provides in themes.

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