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Version 1.6.0-RC.2

17 Sep 2018


  • Enable Mega Menu option not visible in popup.
  • Megamenu not working correctly in sticky header “hide when scrolling down” option is selected.
  • A custom menu item is not center aligned when using submenu below header filter.
  • PHP Notice due to link pointer style CSS not loaded in correct WordPress action.
  • WooCommerce – External/Affiliate product issue with Ajax Add to Cart.
  • Background image displayed twice for the fullwidth mega menu.
  • Highlighted label should be center aligned

Version 1.6.0-RC.1

15 Sep 2018


  • Updated design of the navigation menu settings popup.


  • Elementor does not work if no-toggle menu style is selected and the section 1/section 2 is not set for Header Sections.
  • Sale bubble styling is not working with woocommerce shortcode.
  • Mobile menu submenu icon alignment is missing when we set the label to the main menu in mobile devices.

Version 1.6.0-beta.4

12 Sep 2018


  • Added widget support for Mega Menu.


  • Primary Submenu, Header Sections Submenu border option moved from Colors and Backgrounds to Layout section.


  • Space Outside Body given in % for top not working with Sticky Header.

Version 1.6.0-beta.3

6 Sep 2018


  • Submenu Container Animations for menus in Above header and below header.


  • Navigation menu admin UI code refactoring to improve the speed of the admin UI. For this, the TinyMCE in the mega menu settings popup had to be replaced with a simple TextArea.
  • Slightly Updated design of the Highlight Label.


  • Nav menu spacing added from customizer should apply to the spacing for the Custom Text/Shortcodes added in mega menu.
  • Label text & background color not working.
  • WooCommerce shortcodes having extra paddings when added in the mega menu.

Version 1.6.0-beta.2

5 Sep 2018


  • Convert menu item into heading option for Mega Menu.
  • Spacing, Typography, Color options for the mega menu headings.


  • Categorized the admin options for the mega menu in WP Admin -> Menus.


  • Color options compatibility with Mega Menu.

Version 1.6.0-beta.1

3 Sep 2018

New: Nev Menu / Mega menus Addon. Help us test this new upcoming addon in Astra Pro.

  • Fullwidth menu with background images
  • Mega menu – Content Width menu
  • Mega Menu – Menu Container width
  • Custom menu Labels
  • Add Shortcodes in menu content
  • Use Page builder templates in menu content
  • Multiple Pointer Animations and more to come


This is a beta version. You can enable automatic beta updates from Astra Pro. Read more.

Version 1.5.2

31 Aug 2018


  • Hide notice displayed for activating the license for Astra Theme.
  • Sticky header mobile and tablet colors not working when the transparent header is enabled.

Version 1.5.1

30 Aug 2018



  • Header Cover search when the main header menu is opened would cover header and menu together. Now it only covers the header.
  • Flyout menu not taking full window height on some mobile devices.
  • Target rules in custom layouts and page headers not displaying post types without taxonomies.

Version 1.5.0

22 Aug 2018

Astra Pro v1.5.0 is now released. Check the changelog of v1.5.0-beta.1 for a complete list of changes in this version.