Disable featured image on all pages

Astra has a filter astra_featured_image_enabled which can be used to programmatically enable or disable the featured image.

Here is an example snippet that shows how you can disable the featured image on all the pages by default.

 * Disable featured images for pages.
 * Set the featured image to false if current post type is 'page'
 * @param  boolean $status True - Enable featured image; False - Disable featured image
 * @return boolean         Featured image status based on the 
function disable_feattured_image_for_posts( $status ) {

	// disable featured image for pages.
	if ( 'page' == get_post_type() ) {
		$status = false;

	return $status;

add_filter( 'astra_featured_image_enabled', 'disable_feattured_image_for_posts' );
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