Primary Header

Primary Header is a default header provided by the Astra.
You can customize the primary header with this option. You can find the setting under Appearance > Customize > Layout > Primary Header


You can set three different positions for the logo in the header.


This option will set the logo on the left side and navigation menu to right.


This option will set the logo to the center of the header and above the navigation menu.


This option will set the logo to right side and navigation menu to the left.

Disable Menu

If you need to disable the Menu from the Primary header you can easily do it with Disable Menu option. This option is useful while designing the custom headers.

Custom Menu Item

It allows you to add a custom menu item at the end of the primary menu. You can select a custom menu item from the drop-down:


It will add a search icon for a search box at the end of the primary menu. When you click on the icon search box will appear.


With Astra theme Version 1.6.0, a new option for the Last Item in Menu is introduced – Button. With this, you can easily put Button as the last menu item for navigation menu in the header. Refer a detailed article here.

Text / HTML

It will allow you to insert text and HTML element code. You can insert a call to action button, contact number, email address etc.


You can add a widget to the header with this option.

After selecting widget option as a custom menu item, you will able to set a widget from Appearance > Customize > Widgets > Header

Choose any WordPress default widget or you can use any third party plugin to add a widget to the list. You can choose a number of widgets from the list. Refer this to see how to add WordPress widget in Astra Header.

Take custom menu item outside

This option allows you to separate your custom menu item from the primary menu. It will show your custom menu item separately on responsive devices

Bottom Border Size and Color

You can set a bottom border for a primary header with this option. Set a border width and then set a color for it.

Header Width

This allows you to set header width either to full width or to content width.You can choose options from drop down. Header background will be set to full width by default just the content width will change.

Full Width

This will stretch the header content to both ends according to your browser size.

Content Width

It will set the content of the header to container width set under Appearance > Customize > Layout > Site Layout > Container Width.

Astra version 1.4.0 and above provides a feature to design Mobile Header separately for responsive devices. Refer Mobile Header with Astra.

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